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Scapes book cover


Landscape and construction site inspired abstract paintings from the artist's Construction and Infrastructure series. Works offer a glimpse into his introspective views of nature and urban environments.

"Some paintings represent my desire to produce large, abstract public artworks in different environments. The purpose is to create soothing aesthetics to compliment and add beauty in the area for others to enjoy."

Infrastructure book cover


Insight and stories behind the introspective abstract painting series inspired from construction sites. Features stunning full-color photography by Tiffany Manning and Pablo F. Rivera.

"My fascination with architecture began very early in life, and construction sites symbolize building myself from the ground up. Infrastructure is the underlying framework essential to make a society functional. The work illustrates my personal infrastructure - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual."

Landscapes book cover


A collection of plein air and studio landscape paintings of the Northeast Florida region. Some canvases were acquired for private and public collections.