Below are images of recent studio and commissioned work. Click on an image for title, size, and medium.

photo of art deco movie theater landscape painting
photo of lagoon paint drip painting
photo of New York City skyline with words
photo of female boxer athlete painting
photo of Johnson brothers painting
photo of clinched fist and tattoo with American flag
photo of Washington Monument painting
photo of people standing in line for concert painting
photo of African bridemaids painting
photo of military family hugging
photo of brass instruments
photo of birds at bird bath fountain
photo of pear tree and chairs
photo of young boy with pears
photo of ballerina girl wood sculpture
photo of dancer stretching wood sculpture
photo of dancer wood sculpture
photo of man with sledge hammer wood sculpture

Artwork was sold.
Commissioned by a client.
Donated to a collection.

If you are interested in commissioning or purchasing artwork, please send a request via my contact page.